Monday, 10 February 2014

Stress.  It's a common occurance of modern life, right?
Well, let's just think about this for a minute or two.
In days past, people had some pretty major things to be concerned about.
Two world wars, the depression era.  And before that, in the days of homesteading,
mothers and fathers saw their children leave on a wagon, usually never to hear
from them again, let alone see them.
I know there are many major things we are concerned about today, but wait,
are these really what is adding stress to our everyday lives?
We used to have phones that stayed in one place-on the wall, now we spend
at least several minutes a day wondering "where's my phone".
Did I leave it behind when I order my latte?
I need it to be available 24/7 to my work, family and friends.
Then there is the whole environmental thing.
It would be "wrong" to take a box for my quiche, I'll just carry it in my hand
back to the office.
Hope it doesn't rain, or I drop it or some bird tries to peck at it.
I believe in respecting our planet because it was created for us to enjoy.
However, worship the Creator not the creation.
Stressed about food?
Is it gluten free, dairy free, vegan, grain free, sugar free?
I know there are people who have legitimate health concerns, but if you don't,
eat a variety of food moderately and for goodness sake ENJOY!

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  1. I love it Sheila, you are sooooooooo right :)

    Beth (Atrium)