Sunday, 23 February 2014

A Room With a View

Today I got to do something I won't ever do again.  The beginning of this day was 29 years ago, and has
been looming in my future since that day.  It is a day filled with joy and memories.
A little blonde haired girl dress all in pink.  In a ballerina tutu, hair in the required bun doing her dance
recital.  That same little girl playing with her brother in the backyard pretending the new garbage can
was a hot tub.  The day her beloved Sonny flew away- all because she wanted him to enjoy the outside.
You see, she felt bad he never had a chance to fly free.  Oh, the tears, broke my heart.
She has accomplished so many things.  Hiked the West Coast Trail.  Became a nurse.  Became an
esthetician.  Now she lovingly cares for the elderly, giving them medical care along with her smiles and
You see today I went shopping with this wonderful girl for her wedding dress.
Oh, those memories just came flooding through.
Every dress more beautiful than the last  UNTIL  The ONE!!
She is beautiful and even more she is a beautiful soul, loving, warm, sweet, kind, tenacious, strong both in
body and spirit.  She has a love for the Lord and all who are around her.
This is our Janice, I am honoured to be her Mom.

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