Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Past and Present

Christmas comes in many different types of packages.  We have been married 36 years, and have 5 children so Christmas at our house has seen many variations.  Our first Christmas, we smuggled  a fresh tree into our apartment then went back over the stairs to pick up the  dropped needles. 
We celebrated Little Christmas (a week before actual Christmas) with friends from North Carolina before
they travelled home to their familes.
The Christmas with our first son, he had so many gifts we staggered the opening of them over a few days.
The Christmas my Dad died our three boys had cheerios for dinner because the turkey took forever to
cook.  It just wasn't a year for a full celebration.
We've had Christmases where the gifts have been plenty and some very little.
Those ones are the most memorable.
Those are the sweetest.
The reason for Christmas remains the same.
The King became a Child
coming to His world as the Gift for all who accept it
The gift of abundant and meaningful life.
This is the time of year we celebrate the first chapter of this Gift.
Last night we celebrated our 37th Christmas together.
This year we had one son in Wyoming, one son and his wife in Winnipeg,
so the gathering was a little smaller but no less sweet.
We had 4 precious angels in our midst, our 4 grandbabies.  One who just
turned 11, one 2 and celebrating their first Christmas. twins, 5 months old.
Oh, the joy, the fun, and the precious moments we will savour
until the season comes 'round again.

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